Y Kant Cody Read*

With the third weekend of my MA complete, the realisation that I’m halfway through the first year of the course is beginning to set in.  I’ve just arrived home to Dublin and this is usually the time when I flake out beside the fire with a nice cup of tea and regale my Jack Russell, Cody, with the highlights of the weekend. Just as I was trying to explain “multiplatform pervasive games” to Cody I had a Wyn Mason induced epiphany: maybe I should be blogging this. I have a feeling that many of my classmates with be having similar epiphanies over the course of the coming week.

Over the last two days we continued to explore the area of Adaptation in scriptwriting, with guest lecturer Manon Eames providing a practical approach in how to develop an adaption from its original form to script. Through discussion with my tutor, Sian, I have decided to continue with my biographical adaptation of a portion of the life of Samuel Steward, based on the book Secret Historian: The Life and Times of Samuel Steward, Professor, Tattoo Artist, and Sexual Renegade by Justin Spring.

Allie and Nat from yellobrick gave an interesting and, for me at least, new insight into the world of transmedia and multiplatform pervasive games. Whilst this isn’t a form I’d ever really thought about writing in before, I can certainly see the relevance of it in the 21st Century. It was both an eye-opener from a writing point of view as well as an enterprise perspective. I’m not someone who would ever want to go to a participative theatre event or alternate reality game but I am now more open to exploring these options as a writer.

Anyway; Cody can’t read (as far as I know) so I better finish telling him about the events of the previous two days.


*Tori Amos reference.

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