Adeptly Adapting

Barring the results of my Adaptation module, I’m now finished the first year of my MA Scriptwriting at the University of South Wales.  Such a sense of relief to have the final assignment (and the toughest to date) handed in. After taking a weekend off, I’ve already started to work on completing my theatre piece; the basic structure is in place and I know where the story needs to go, so it’s now a case of getting there.   This also means re-working some of what I’ve just submitted and it’s hard not to be overly critical of what I wrote over the previous few weeks.  One or two scenes need to be completely re-worked, others need to be lengthened or shortened (one will possibly be deleted), and no doubt a few more scenes will be added as the play progresses. That said, I’m now happy with my choice of adaption and I believe it’s a strong and poignant story.

Over the rest of the summer I’m going to get to work on developing my slate. I need at least five solid ideas for October that will become my list of possibilities for my Major Project. Thankfully, having ideas isn’t really the problem but working on them and developing them into treatments is a hell of a lot harder! My original idea for the major project is still a runner but, at present, I plan on including a screenplay and perhaps a mini-series.  Most importantly, I’m genuinely excited about it and I look forward to commencing second year in October. If the money gods look down on me with favour, I might just fit in a little holiday too.

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