Short Fringe

It doesn’t seem that long ago since I was writing about completing the first draft of my screenplay, Grand, and now here I am writing about having finished my 6th and (hopefully) final draft. It’s certainly been a rollercoaster ride of emotions and learning but I’m so happy to have done it. With that finished, I’ve obviously now got to the something with the script. Whilst I’ve been getting feedback throughout the process I will be seeking additional feedback from other sources, namely some of the events/workshops running next month at London Screenwriters’ Festival. I’m currently prepping for the LSF and I’ve got that mixture of excitement and anxiety about it. I am looking forward to it but it’s equally daunting. No doubt it’ll be fine (things usually are). I just need to network, which is something I don’t particularly look forward to; in fact I’d go so far as to say I dread it. That said, we’re all in the same boat and it’ll be great to mix with like minded people for a few days in London. I just need to work a little more on my pitch for Grand and hopefully I’ll get some productive feedback too.

September is one of my favourite months; the weather is generally the type I prefer, things are more settled and calmer after the summer, and there’s theatre and culture to beat the band in Dublin. After completing Grand I decided to take a well deserved holiday (if I do say so myself) which was nice and relaxing, however it did mean I missed the beginning of Tiger Dublin Fringe. That said, I was able to attend three very good shows: Big Bobby Little Bobby, Overshadowed, and Boy. Whilst all were good, Big Bobby Little Bobby was the stand out one for me and subsequently won the First Fortnight Award for challenging stigma and prejudice about mental health issues through the creative arts. I predict it’ll do very well overall and when it returns I’ll definitely want to see it all over again.  Culture Night was also at hand to deliver a multitude of activities and events on September 18th in Dublin and throughout the country. And as if the wasn’t enough Dublin Theatre Festival commences on September 24th! I’ve got tickets for four shows at the moment but I might end up going to one or two more as there are some amazing performances to choose from.

My next project in the works is My Sister in Liverpool (working title), a short theatre piece about two sisters communicating between Dublin and Liverpool in the run up to the Easter Rising of 1916. Given the upcoming centenary of the Rising there are lots of events being organised. Once completed, I’ll be submitting the piece to a competition looking for works based on the theme of 1916. The prize is a small bursary but more importantly the piece will be produced. It’s also nice to get back into writing for the stage as I’ve spent the bulk of this year screenwriting. Anyway, My Sister in Liverpool and Dublin Theatre Festival will keep me busy in the coming weeks. Then it’ll be time for the LSF before I know it. Thankfully the chill in the evening is the perfect excuse for multiple hot chocolates… sustenance if ever there was.

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