Five Favourites of 2015

Five Favourites

I’ve gotten to see some amazing shows during the course of 2015. While you can’t beat a night at a big old school theater, I’ve always had a fondness for the underdogs and smaller productions. With that in mind I’m choosing my Five Favourites from the smaller scale productions that ran in 2015. Dublin has a great variety of smaller stages and I love that for a few quid you can leave your troubles at the door and enter another world for an hour or two. After choosing my Five Favourites I realised that the five of them ran from only two venues; Theatre Upstairs on Eden Quay and Smock Alley on Exchange Street Lower. There are lots of excellent venues and theatres throughout the city but kudos to both Theatre Upstairs and Smock Alley on their brilliant programming.

Obviously, these are just from the shows I saw in 2015, and there are countless others that I didn’t get to see.  In chronological order, my Five Favourites of 2015 are:

The Man in Two Pieces by Gerard Adlum

The Man in Two Pieces


Panned by Caitríona Daly



Big Bobby Little Bobby by Camille Lucy Ross and Kelly Shatter


Going Spare by Siobhán Donnellan


Tingo by Jessie Doyle and Cian O’Ceallachain


2015 has certainly produced some gems, let’s hope 2016 does likewise.

  One thought on “Five Favourites of 2015

  1. Shane
    December 19, 2015 at 12:43

    Really enjoyed Big Bobby
    Thought provoking
    Have been raving about it down here in Auss

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