Five Favourites of 2016



It’s that time of year again. The clock is ticking down on the final few days of 2016 (phew- we’ve almost made it)  and I’ve been thinking about all the amazing shows I’ve had the privilege of attending over the last 12 months. Now to attempt to narrow it down to my five favourites.

Obviously, these are just from the shows I saw and reviewed in 2016. There are countless others that I didn’t get to see and plenty that I saw for my own viewing pleasure rather than to review.

In chronological order, my Five Favourites of 2016 are:

The Curse of the Button Accordion

Written by Sharon Mannion, directed by Matthew Ralli




Written by Ian Toner, directed by Sarah Finlay



The Humours of Bandon

Written by Margaret McAuliffe, directed by Stefanie Preissner



The Circus Animals’ Desertion

Written & directed by Feidlim Cannon and Gary Keegan



Dubliners Women

Adapted by Katie O’ Kelly, directed by Sarah Baxter



There were so many other fantastic shows that I saw but the five above have left their mark on my memory the most. Looking forward to 2017 already.

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