October Blog: Loftus Leanings

The curtains have downed on the major theatre festivals for this year and I have to say the overall standard this year was very good. Of the many shows I reviewed, and the ones I attended for my own pleasure, there were some real dazzling gems. That’s not to say that there weren’t a few duds in the mix either but there was nothing I absolutely hated. Next year I might review less for the festivals and just try to enjoy them more, as it does take a lot of the pleasure from a show when you can’t just sit back and enjoy it.  I say that now but come next year I’ll probably review as many as this year, if not more. The Christmas theatre season will begin shortly and while I’m not a fan of pantomime there are usually some beautiful festive pieces around, so I’ll venture to a few of those.

My work in progress, Attrition, is coming along and Kitty’s second victim is going to meet her maker imminently. It’s all very exciting to be honest and in as much as it can be a struggle at times I have to say I’m enjoying it. The structural changes, especially regarding point of view, have slowed me down a little bit but, like anything, practice makes perfect. Changing to a third person close PoV means that I’m having to analysis certain aspects of the story and see if they work from different perspectives. This has also had a knock on effect on the characters themselves; what do they know and what do they need to know are two common questions I ask myself, and them, as I write.  Overall, while it’s all incredibly rough, it’s going in the right direction and I really think it’s an intriguing story.

Even though I’m adamant that I’m only focusing on Attrition for the time being there’ll always be some research taking place or an idea developing elsewhere for me. A short film script I wrote, Lacewing, is begging to be expanded on and turned into a novel; in fact I think it would make an excellent series of books.  This is another story that I’m very passionate about and it has a strong supernatural element to it- partially inspired by Loftus Hall in Co. Wexford. Loftus Hall is, allegedly, the most haunted house in Ireland and I recently got to a take a tour of the place. It was very enjoyable and eerie; not all research has to be from the internet or books and it can certainly be fun too! Being at Loftus Hall made we want to get back to Lacewing as soon as I can but I know I’m better off dealing with one large project at a time. Lacewing’s time will come too and until them I can relish in the historical exploits of Kitty Coyne, the murderous teenage protagonist in Attrition. Speaking of the supernatural and murders- Happy Halloween!

My reviews from Dublin Theatre Festival can be heard/read here:


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