Review: If We Got Some More Cocaine…

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Coldness hangs in the air above the rooftops of Ennis on Halloween night. Blue flashing lights and the sound of gardaí cars herald the arrival of two young men, scampering onto the roof of a house to avoid the law enforcement below. The adrenaline is almost palpable and soon to be further fuelled by less indigenous drugs. As the giddy twosome try to plan their escape they realise that they are trapped in more ways than one.

Presented by One Duck Theatre If We Got Some More Cocaine… is an utterly modern love story that centres around two young men who are confined to lives that neither of them purposefully chose. Local lad Mickey (Alan Mahon) is a lovable rouge who is supported through the trails and tribulations of Ennis life by his long suffering mother. Proud of who is his Mickey has never been one to back down from a fight but his fists have gotten him into trouble on more than one occasion. Displaced Londoner Casey (Josh Williams) ended up in Ennis after his mother did a runner with him in tow to get away from his father but her choice of men has not greatly improved. Her partner Bobby is a drug dealing brute who physically and mentally abuses Casey. This doesn’t help matters for Casey who is somewhat struggling with his sexuality and is in a pseudo relationship with a local girl in an attempt to conceal his true self. The pair have been brought together through circumstance and must try figure out who they are individually and as a couple. In attempting to do so they explore the issues of outsiderness, belonging, and prejudice, both societally and self-engendered.

Georgia de Grey’s simple but strong rooftop set evokes the essence of a Halloween night as well as delivering a sense of isolation and imprisonment. Partnered with effective lighting (Derek Anderson), which really comes into its own as the show progresses, and cinematic quality sound (Jon McLeod) the production values demonstrate that less really can be more. Under the direction of Tom Martin both actors deliver high octane performances in this two hander play that showcases John O’Donovan’s sharply comedic script. This results in a dichotomy of toughness and tenderness that is hugely entertaining and highlights the complexities of life and love in small town Ireland. If We Got Some More Cocaine… scratches away the veneer of a so-called accepting society to expose the prejudices that still lie beneath.

Writer: John O’Donovan

Director: Tom Martin

Runs until 03 February 2018 | Image: Keith Dixon

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