September Blog: A Tale of Three Halves

We’re well into my favourite time of year; between now and January is usually my ideal season. I know it’s probably not the most popular opinion but I’m glad the summer is over. There seems to be a backlash against “fetishising” autumn, which is understandable when every second thing is pumpkin spice this and that, but that doesn’t mean that autumn and winter people can’t embrace their preferred seasons. Besides the rain, which we get in summer too, I pretty much like all that the end of the year has to offer. For me, September is the Thursday of the year. It’s quite near the end and there’s still fun to be had. I also feel that the darkener evenings are ideal for writing. Sure what else would you be doing?

I’ve been busy with writing projects of late. A small side venture is nearing completion and it’s been good to work on something else for a little while to be honest. Attrition continues to progress and I feel as though I’m really getting back into the swing of it. I’ve still no idea why it’s taking so long to get the first draft done but regardless, I am where I am with it. My overall idea was of a story of two parts; first leading up to the murders and being caught, and then in England during the Blitz. At present, Kitty, my protagonist has just been apprehended for her suspected role in the murders. I’m glad to have reached this stage of the story as it’s a key turning point. I expected to get here a bit sooner from a word count point of view but it’s becoming somewhat of a saga. There’s going to be a lot of paring back and editing. That said, this is exactly what a first draft is, so I can allow myself that bit of leniency.

I’m a little stumped with what happens next however. Not from a story or plot perspective but rather how to make it happen. If I continue writing as I’ve been it will become ridiculously long. My original plan of two distinct parts will need some bridging but I don’t specifically want to go into all of the details of the intervening years. I don’t want it to turn into a courtroom drama but no doubt Kitty’s sentencing and subsequent imprisonment is relevant to the story. Likewise, being taken in by the Sisters of Charity on Henrietta Street is formative of her later life and I feel it needs to be more than just be alluded to. Also, there’s at least one murder during that phase. Perhaps it’s a tale of three halves…

Maybe, a bit like September, Attrition has reached its Thursday. Almost there, but still a bit to go.

P.S. Little Cody is doing well. He’s adjusting to his new world remarkably and although I’m still heartbroken for him he’s not letting it stop him from doing everything he previously did. It was his adoptaversy / birthday this week so he was treated for that. I’ve wanted to write a dog based story for ages and have several notes in my ideas folder however his recent change in circumstance has inspired a new one, which may be bumped up the to be written pile. As an aside, dogs feature in my first (unpublished) novel Bitten by a Dog on Tuesday, and also in Attrition, where the poor creature foreshadows what is come. My recent idea would definitely fall more into children’s writing whereas previous dog related ideas have been for adults. I think I’ll start it as a short story as see what develops from there. I just have to get Attrition done first.


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