November Blog: A Change of Plan

Attrition continues to move in the right direction although I’ve conceded that I won’t get the first draft completed within 2018, barring a Christmas miracle. It really has become an action of attrition itself, in every sense of the word. Sometimes it feels as though the characters are goading me on “come on, I dare you to finish this” so I’m almost writing it out of spite. At other times, I’m the one championing them on their journey and, every so often, they do what they’re told. Either way, words are appearing on the page, so that’s good.

I facilitated a scriptwriting workshop earlier this month at Oldcastle Library, Co. Meath, with a local writers’ group. It was great to be talking and thinking about all things script related again and our main focus was on screenwriting, although there’s obviously a lot of overlap. The group itself was well established which made the whole thing a lot easier as everyone was motivated and willing to participate. It was so interesting to hear of all the different stories this group had already wrote and what they are going to turn into scripts, as well as some ideas that were just in the germination stage.

The most difficult part for me was trying to cover as much of the essential stuff (very hard to do in a few hours) while not having an information overload. Thankfully we we’re able to have some fun too with taglines and loglines, as well as watch a few film clips. The feedback I received was very positive, which is always nice, and I hope to run a few more workshops and courses in 2019. If anyone reading is interested in me facilitating a course or workshop (or are part of a writers’ group who would like a guest facilitator) feel free to contact me here.

Speaking of next year, I’ve made a pretty major decision that will allow me to have some more time to write in 2019. I’m going to take a career break which means I’ll have zero income (as in, literally zero- I can’t work or claim social benefits during this time) but it will provide me with more time for some family issues that are ongoing and also to get some more writing done. This is hugely exciting and terrifying. I’m lucky that I’m in a job where this is a possibility and although it wasn’t even on the cards this time last month I feel like it’s time to do it. When my application was approved I was somewhat surprised but it also helped me make my mind up. I could be begging for my job back within a month but we’ll see…

In an effort to make ends meet I’m going to do some AirBnB (or something similar) and hopefully some writing related activities such as workshops/courses but also literary walking tours and readings. Ideally I’d like to host other writers and artists when they visit Dublin for events, so if you’re visiting Dublin in 2019 make sure to check in with me! It will certainly be an interesting time ahead in lots of different ways and, as 2018 has demonstrated to me time and time again, you never know what’s around the next corner.


  One thought on “November Blog: A Change of Plan

  1. December 1, 2018 at 08:52

    Good luck with the plans for next year Dave, sounds exciting.

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