David KeaneDavid Keane is a writer based in Dublin. With an extensive background in mental health he has always been an advocate for use of creative arts in healthcare.  Involved in several areas of writing, David is presently focusing on prose and script writing while maintaining his connection to other areas, such as poetry.  He is a creative writing tutor and also ran a therapeutic writing workshop at Open Heart House, a community based organisation for people living with HIV. He continues to be involved in therapeutic writing (also known as Poetry Therapy) on a one-to-one basis.

“Health is an inescapable part of everyday life, whether positive or negative.  The use of expressive arts either individually or in a therapeutic setting has been shown to have a positive and enriching effect on a person’s physical and mental health. This is where arts and health marry and have the potential to bring about great change on an individual and societal level. Nurturing this relationship can have an untold impact on the world around us and should be encouraged when and where possible”.

David has worked for several health related organisations and is currently employed in the health and wellbeing sector. He is actively involved in different forms of writing. Current projects include a Dublin based suspense novel, Bitten By A Dog On Tuesday, and a stage play based on the life of university professor turned pornographer and tattoo artist, Samuel Steward.  His treatment for a contemporary Irish screenplay, Grand, won him a place on a script development workshop run by Working Title Films. An avid theatre goer, he writes for The Reviews Hub as well as for his own blog. He has an MA Scriptwriting from the University of South Wales.

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