Listen: Moments of Snow, Arena RTÉ Radio One
Moments of Snow, Forced to Flee, Poetry Ireland Trócaire (2016)

In My Sister’s House, It’s a Queer City: All the Same (2016)

Kept somewhere in limbo,
like the child she lost,
in a city on the river
where she wasn’t born or reared.
The question of how she ended up here
with her bare legs now covered
for the sake of others and
her rebellion all pushed down
into a glass bottle.
Angry at the age-old what could have been,
unaccepting of what is.
Holding life together in the hope
it will all wash away and drift
westwards towards the future.
She says, when she doesn’t mean to,
that I’ll never know her sorrow.
How could I.

A Girl In Flight, Phizzfest Poetry Pamphlet (2016)

Rawness on the street.
Unrest wraps itself around O’Connell and his Victories,
pierced breasts and arms proudly on display.
Early and unexpected
a lazy-eyed girl
walks backwards with her head tilted up,
her cheap shoes pointing in the opposite direction.

A dove released at a wedding earlier that year
flew in the same manner;
thrown upwards, beak towards the sky.

Almost reaching the bronze folds on Fidelity’s breast
she falls less gracefully than she had taken flight.
The truck still in motion as she lands.
Greasy doughnut air from the tiny kiosk
triggers one last memory as she fades into
the grey bubble-gummed path;
that time her mother took her to Bull Island,

The Maid of Erin, unmoved, ignores her.

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