Contemporary Dublin based drama about a young waitress, Shayla, who finds herself homeless. In order to save more money to move out of her hostel she picks up some evening work helping Val, a religious recluse, to clear out her house. Val has a troubled past that she has yet to let go off and Shayla has her own present day problems. Only by helping each other can they begin to help themselves.

Feature length screenplay (drama).

Download: Grand. (first 10 pages. full version available upon request).


A supernatural mystery set in 1930s rural Ireland. Maebh Noonan, housekeeper at Killnapracken Manor, tends to the needs of the otherworldly Earle sisters and is prepared to do anything to maintain the status quo and protect the Manor and its secrets.

Short (15 minute) screenplay, plan to develop into a mini-series.

Download: Lacewing

The Joynt.

1956, downtown Chicago. A renegade university professor leaves behind a life of academia to pursue his dream of becoming a tattoo artist on the wrong side of town, unwittingly becoming embroiled in a murder investigation and a dilemma of the heart.

Play, work in progress. 

Download: The Joynt by David Keane.  Sample: Scene 2.

Doctor’s Office.

A worried patient has an unusual urology problem but his doctor only seeks to exploit him.

Radio short (comedy, 2.30 min). Very rough read through, featuring David Keane and Andy Norton. Written in collaboration with Shaun Boosheri, Andy Norton, and Amy Rooney (2013) as part of a writing for radio workshop.

SoundCloud: Doctor’s Office (Radio Short).

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