March Blog: Surviving the Ides of March

Spring has truly sprung and with it some psychical shift has taken place. ’bout time too! I’ve been busy editing and redrafting all month and though the process feels interminable at times I know I’m making some headway. I’ve also been newly motivated regarding my script work, which admittedly had taken a back seat over the winter months, with the exception of a few short scripts. I’m currently working on the treatment for a theatre piece, its working title being The Virgin Bog. I’m still plotting out the story, developing characters, and working on story beats etc but it’s coming together nicely. It’s a story that has been on the back burner in my mind (and a file on my computer) for a while but lately it’s drawn me back in, to the point where I simply HAD to start working on it. It’s that wonderful yet overwhelming moment when the desire to tell the story is taken over by the NEED to tell it. That’s what I’ve been missing from my life for the last few months, at least in relation to scripts, and I’m glad it’s back. My goal is to spend a bit more time developing the story and then get a first draft of the script done over the next two months (by the end of May). As usual, I’m more focussed when I’ve a deadline, even a self-imposed one.

Other ongoing work includes some research for a possible screenplay that I’ve been asked to look into by a producer. So far, it’s proving interesting however we need to find a new angle on a story that’s already been told. It’s been in the pipeline since before Christmas but is proving to be a slow burner. None the less it’s exciting and regardless of the outcome it’s good to be in touch with like minded people and I enjoy the research and development phase- you never know what new ideas you’ll uncover in the process (not that I need more to be honest). Besides that I’ve obviously been editing away on Bitten By A Dog On Tuesday and I’m taking note of issues with the current draft and additions I’d like to make to the next draft. Some changes will be significant, such as removing a character completely and adding another victim of my protagonist’s vigilantism. As with any work in progress, one small change can have a huge knock on effect, but that’s how it goes. I need to set aside some more time to work on the next draft of BADDOT so I can really sink my teeth into it.

So far I’ve entered 13 writing competitions this year, mostly poetry and short stories. To date, only three have announced their shortlists/winners and unfortunately I didn’t place in any of them. Not to worry though, I’ve plenty more to hear back from and it’s all grist for the mill. With the ever brightening evenings there’s a fresh sense of invigoration in the air, so I need to harness this into my writing and keep the Spring momentum going.

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